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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

One of the things dear to my heart is our historic buildings.  I am a student of history (as are we all) and I love visiting these landmark buildings.  My guest today is Jeremiah Wright, a writer who visits as as a representative of the Poe House and Museum. 


My name is Jerry Wright, and I also write under the pen name WJ
Rosser.  (You can find me on facebook as Walter Jeremiah Rosser.)

I am editing an anthology with the novelist Karen Rigley.  The
anthology is a non-profit endeavor, all of the proceeds of which will
go to the Baltimore Poe House and Museum.  You may not be aware that
the museum has lost it's financing from the city and may have to cease
operations.  Since Edgar Allan Poe lived there, it's a historical
landmark, so the building can't be torn down, but if we don't do
something it won't be accessible to the public at all.


Saving our Literary Heritage
The Baltimore Poe House and Museum is a national landmark, which preserves the building from demolition or any modifications that would substantially diminish the landmark nature of the building.  However, access to the house is dependent on funding, and the City of Baltimore faces economic woes that led them to cut off the funding necessary to ensure the museum’s operations.
There are a number of options available to people who care about the literary heritage that Edgar Allan Poe represents to writers and readers, but the primary response seemed to be moaning and complaining.  I thought about it for a moment and chose a different path.  It seemed to me that most authors would recognize the contribution Poe made to their own work, and I decided an anthology of fiction would both honor that contribution and help raise the money to save the museum  Literary Landmark Press was born.
I quickly recruited the fine author Karen Rigley, and she has been indispensible in getting us through the deluge of submissions.  We’ve been fortunate to get some fabulous stories and fabulous poetry, and we’re excited about how the book is shaping up.
You can help.  Go to literarylandmarkpress.blogspot.com and preorder an anthology or two.  You can even preorder books to have sent to the museum for their use.  If you’re a writer, send us something to consider.  Together with the excellent help of the writing community, we can save the Baltimore Poe House and Museum.

With me poetry has not been a purpose, but a passion.
Edgar Allan Poe
US short story author, editor, & poet (1809 - 1849)

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