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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Popular Clone by M.E. Castle

received this book courtesy of NetGalley for review:
Popular Clone

by M.E. Castle

children's book

available Jan 24th, 2012

publisher EgmontUSA

reviewed by Donna, http://bookloversparadise.blogspot.com

Marketing Info:

Meet Fisher Bas: 12 years-old, growth-stunted, a geeky science genius, and son of the Nobel Prize-winning creators of the Bas-Hermaphrodite-Sea-Slug-Hypothesis. No surprise: Fisher isn't exactly the most popular kid in his middle-school, tormented daily by the beefy, overgrown goons he calls The Vikings. But he senses relief when he comes upon the idea of cloning himself--creating a second Fisher to go to school each day while he stays at home playing video games and eating cheetos with ketchup. It's an ingenious plan that works brilliantly, until Fisher's clone turns out to be more popular than him--and soon after gets clone-napped by the evil scientist Dr. Xander.

The book Popular Clone by M.E. Castle revolves around a young boy named Fischer Bas. We all either knew or were a Fischer Bas in school. The geeky, nerdy kid who blew the curve in science class. This kid picked on by the bullies and ignored by just about everyone else. The kid who's at the bottom of the popularity grid. Well, this kid is different. He feels so despondent he decides to use his mother's genetic invention to clone himself. To create a new Fischer to take his place at school. A new Fischer who can bear the brunt of the bullies attacks. Well, things don't work out as planned. A mad scientist is trying to steal Mrs. Bas's invention. The cloned Fischer, called Two, is captured and boy do things get fun.

This book is a voyage of discovery for Fischer. By creating another Fischer, he discovers not only who he really is, but who he wants to be. Kids will enjoy Fischer's adventures with his clone and the mad scientist. They will learn a valuable moral lesson, without realizing it. The author of this book. M.E. Castle is a gifted writer with a talent for turning the down and out geek into a hero. I read this book to my 10 year old son. He is neither a bully nor a genius. He was yelling out loud- "Get the bullies" and "Go Fischer!" during many parts of this book. I think kids, both boys and girls, will love this book. Some will relate to Fischer, others will know someone like Fischer. Either way, a great story. The end is left open enough for further adventures of Fischer and Two.

I give this book 5/5 stars and encourage all parents to get a copy for their child. This book deals with bullying in a way I've never before encountered in a children's book.

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