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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

received this book from LibraryThing
for review.

Product Description

The closer you get to discovering why Amanda left, the more you realize that nothing about her is what it seems. . . .
Hal, Callie, and Nia are more determined than ever to figure out who Amanda really is, especially after the vice principal was attacked and they spotted a note from Amanda in his car. Clues are pouring in to www.theamandaproject.com, but some of them lead to more questions than answers. When the three friends find a locked, carved box they're sure it holds the key to Amanda's secrets. If only they could get it open! As they begin to unravel the tangled web of Amanda's life, Hal discovers a strange list with their names on it, and he suspects it means any one of them could be the next target. One thing's for sure: In the search for Amanda, no one can be trusted.

I had not read book 1 before reading this book==DON'T make that mistake. Get the first book or you'll be lost.   Hal, Callie and Nia are a wonderful trio of friends trying to find the whereabouts of Amanda.  I'm not sure Amanda can be called a 'friend'.  No one really seems to know much about her at all.   I look forward to the next book in the series ( I understand there are 8). This book is a jigsaw puzzle aching to be put together.   I have my own suspicions about who Amanda really is.....  don't forget to check out the website that accompanies the book.  I enjoyed reading this book, but I have to say,  I think that "The 39 Clues" series did the book/interactive website idea much better.

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  1. I hate when I start reading a book and I realize it's book 2. This one does sound interesting though.