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Monday, December 19, 2011

received from NetGalley for review
Egypt, 1500 BC 

Drawn to his abandoned temple on the banks of the Nile by an enchanting song, Sobek the Crocodile God is even more captivated by the sight of the singer herself. Appearing to her as a man, he learns she is Merys, a descendant of his last priestess. Though filled with lust, Sobek believes Merys deserves to be more than just his mistress. But the rules that govern the Egyptian pantheon forbid anything beyond a physical joining of a Great One and a human. 

Merys is attracted to the handsome stranger, who arouses passions in her that no man ever has. But with no dowry and no hope of ever leaving her village, she dares not dream of the future—or love. 

Sobek takes every opportunity to visit Merys, taxing his resolve to leave her pure. When he saves her life, their mutual desire must be sated. But can a love between a human and an immortal survive the ultimate test of the gods? 

21,000 words 

I enjoyed reading this book. It is a very short, very quick read. I love anything relating to Ancient Egypt. This is listed as an adult book. I think the author could have avoided the graphic descriptions of the horizontal activities and made this book available for a younger audience. It is a classic love story, one that transcends life and death. The characters are strong and independent, especially Merys, the Priestess of Sobek. She has a delightful personality, and is a calming influence to all around her. She shrugs off being mistreated by her good for nothing family. Her only close relation is a much younger sister who is also mistreated by the family. 

The end was not a surprise.

3.5/5 stars
I rated this book as I did, not due to the graphic content (it is an adult book) but because the ending was in no way a surprise.  The book did hold my interest, but when it ended there was no "Oh no, it's finished!!" moment.

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