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Friday, January 20, 2012


received from NetGalley for an honest review
available January 23,2012

synopsis (Goodreads)

"You think you're a fairy godmother or something?" I asked. "Or something," Michael agreed. Edda is tired of her nickname, 'Mouse', and wants to be braver. But when her house is burgled on her twelfth birthday, Edda is more afraid than ever. That is until new boy Michael Scot starts school. There's something peculiar -- and very annoying -- about know-it-all Michael. He claims to be a great alchemist who can help Edda overcome her fears by teaching her to build a golem. But surely they can't bring a giant mud monster to life? Can they? Winner of the Kelpies Prize 2011.


Prior to reading this book, I had no idea what a Golem was. I'd only heard of Pokemon Golems. I've since learned about Golems and folklore. 

Edda is an easy kid with whom others can identify. Her nickname is 'mouse' and for good reason, she's practically afraid of her own shadow. 

She experiences pure terror after her house is broken in to and her birthday students stolen. It's after this episode she meets an odd, eerie boy named Michael. "THE MICHAEL SCOT" only one "T". named after the famous alchemist from the 12th century. This michael is a very bizarre character, obsessed with alchemy and old world magic. He convinces Edda to face her fears by creating a Golem, a large 'earth man' who will protect her and her house from outside influence. She soon regrets her actions and the story ensues. 

The characters of this book are incredibly likable. Despite her issues, Edda is a wonderful character. Kids who are small or bullied will relate to her. Euon is the bully who does a complete about face, his story is interesting and bullies and bullied alike will come to like, or at least understand him. Lucy is a great friend to Edda and sticks by her despite what she believes to be Edda's crazy beliefs. 

This story is a great middle grade childrens book. Kids will love the Golem. Some scenes involve dead animals and may be a bit much for the tender of heart, but all in all, this is a great book. I give it 5/5 stars. Love the cover of the book. The monochromatic picture just adds to the mystery of the story

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