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Monday, February 27, 2012


synopsis (Goodreads)
Her mom's still dating losers. Her boyfriend's gone back to Mexico. Dad still hasn't told his wife and kids that she exists. At school, the drama queens and bullies still rule. But worst of all for Allie Emerson--aka the Star Seeker of an old Gypsy prophecy--is that her powers have taken a hike. She can't read minds anymore. She can't move stuff just by looking at it. The other Star Seekers are counting on her psychic gifts more than ever, and the evil Tri-marks are closing in, eager to snatch her magic moonstone necklace while she's helpless. The hot new guy at school is ready and willing to fight her battles, but he comes with some wicked baggage. Dear Diary: I'm a little worried. My new BF is a demon. Welcome again to Allie Emerson's funny, scary, amazing, and always unpredictable life, as the girl voted least likely to save the world from evil. REVIEWS: "This book has it all: danger, mystery, unexpected plot twists. The events of the book brought forward many unanswered questions and complications, and really made me look forward to the next book. I can't wait." -- Unmainstream Mom Reads Blog "Ms. Brothers does a wonderful job of expanding the world she's created and adding interesting new characters to the mix."


A fabulous continuation of Allie's story.
She has lost her telekinetic abilities. Kizzy engages the help of a young man named Beck Bradford to help Allie out of her slump.  Junior is in Mexico and it is uncertain if he will return.  Allie and Beck become close.  He is not at all put off by Allie's abilities.  Beck has demons of his own, literally. 
The Trimarks are back, chasing Allie to get the Moonstone.  They are still horrible, evil and rotten. 
Faye has straightened out somewhat, she has a job and a steady boyfriend.
Rather than read like a sequel, this book picks up right where the first finishes.  It is a perfect continuation of the story.  Allie has grown a bit, she's more mature but still frightened of her power. 
With the help of Beck and his twin Nicole she continues to learn to use the power of the Moonstone, it's power is awesome, far more than first thought...
Now, I'm off to read the third book!

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