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Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Welcome to Jess C. Scott.  author of 
Jess is visiting today with a guest post.

Characters in The Other Side of Life, by Jess C Scott / jessINK

Thanks for hosting me today, Donna!

SUMMARY (The Other Side of Life / Book #1, Cyberpunk Elven Trilogy):

A thieving duo’s world turns upside down when an Elven rogue uncovers the heinous dealings of a megacorporation.

* * *

The main characters in The Other Side of Life fall into two groups: 
the band of elven thieves, and the humans they come into contact with (with regards to the story/plot).

The elves include:

Nin (“Prince Ithilnin,” as he was known in Helli’sandur, the elven kingdom he’s originally from)

Tavia (his warrior-princess type cousin)

Dresan (the techno-geek; cyberpunk elves are pretty advanced as far as technology goes)

The humans include:

Anya (a ‘rebel’ and the human counterpart to Nin, in terms of thieving skill/ability)

Leticia (Anya’s BFF)

Julius (Leticia's on-off boyfriend)

The Other Side of Life combines quite a few elements (action, adventure, environmental themes), though I’ll probably be taking a slightly different direction with the second book in the trilogy (titled The Darker Side of Life).

While most of the main characters also feature in the second book, a new significant character enters the scene in the second book:

Laer (the first dark elf Anya encounters)

There are a lot of darker themes in the second book which explore some of the “darker” sides to human nature (which I didn’t really want to do in the first book—that one was more on the spirit of adventure, and the burgeoning romantic relationship between Nin and Anya).

I like to explore a deep type of love that has a serious/realistic tone to it (versus something fluffy). I didn’t feel that a fluffy type of romance would go along well with a dystopian type of setting (a definitive element of the “cyberpunk” genre, which is set in the near future).

The characters have been quite tricky/delicate to balance at times. The elven thieves are wise and free-spirited, but also compassionate; the human girls are tough on the outside, but also dreamers and romantics on the inside. 

I’ve been “taking my time” getting all the elements together in the second installment (I don’t want to rush and end up with a story that ends up being half-told). 

I guess I like to take things slow, and put in some time and effort into making relationships work (my preference is always for real love over insta-love). This is my approach to relationships in both life and literature, which I enjoy sharing with the rest of the world ;)


Jess is a professional non-conformist with a fresh, youthful world view. She is an author of relationship-based erotic fiction (and other unique projects, including a series that features “cyberpunk elves”). She’s cool, supportive, and writes with both intellect and a lot of emotion.

She has most recently co-authored Teen Guide to Sex and Relationships with Matt Posner (Spring 2012). For more info, please visit http://jessink.com/teenguide.htm

Jess can also be found on jessINK, Facebook, and Twitter.

the book:

Anya and Leticia are partners-in-crime who steal for a living. Their world turns upside down after a chance encounter with fellow rogue, Ithilnin--the enigmatic leader of an Elven band of thieves.

A scuffle to prove who's "the better thief" transforms into more than Anya and Ithilnin ever bargained for. They retrieve the missing piece of an ancient poem, before getting caught in the secret dealings of a megacorporation. What they uncover threatens to alter the very essence of not just human life, but the other side as well.

Elven intrigue, cyberpunk action, and a deadly dose of danger come together in The Other Side of Life [Book #1 in the (Cyberpunk) Elven Trilogy].

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Genre - Cyberpunk / Urban Fantasy
Rating - PG13


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