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Friday, April 20, 2012

book tour and ebook

author of

she has kindly offered a guest blog during
her virtual book tour

So Camilla, welcome!!

One of the fun things about writing a book is creating a world for the characters to live in. For Stella Mayweather’s world, which starts with Illicit Magic, the supernatural world is layered over the contemporary world we live in. I did this so that there would be a real anchor for all the fun magical elements as well as ensure there are relatable points - keeping some realism in it stops the world getting too complex or unreal. For example, my characters have issues with typical things – family, work, relationships – but they also have hopes and dreams, problems and flaws with the supernatural elements of their lives.
The layers continue with a mix of real world locations (London, New York) and fictional ones. However, even with the real locations, the actual locations – the homes, addresses – are imaginative. It’s more practical when writing a novel to be able to create geography that fits rather than try to create situations to fit geography.
Beyond that, that’s where it gets fun. When it comes to the supernatural beings, I wanted to reinvent witches for Stella’s world. So, things like cauldrons, black cats and rhyming spells are out, and innate magic, teleportation and telekinesis are in. Witch hunters, werewolves, daemons, demons, shapeshifters all appear but they have their own rules, some that will seem familiar and others that are rules to fit this universe.
I keep the “rules” of Stella’s world relaxed because I know things will come up in future novels where I’ll want to give a character a new magical power or introduce a new supernatural being, thus keeping that element of “what’s around the corner?” Having said that, is there anything I would change? Sure! Occasionally things cropped up in later novels where I need to recheck to see if I’ve made a rule that can’t be broken, or if I’ve described something in a certain way and it’s now down as record. I sometimes wish I had written a few books in the series before releasing the first book just so I could iron out those kinks and make my life a bit easier! One thing I have learned… keep a lot of notes!

and now,
about Camilla's new book

Illicit Magic 
By Camilla Chafer

More than three hundred years after the most terrifying witch hunts the world has ever known, it's happening again. 

Racing from attack by the ruthless Brotherhood in London to the powerful witch council in New York, twenty-four-year-old novice witch Stella has to put her faith in strangers just to stay alive but she might not be any safer in their midst than from the danger she is running from.

Sent to an extraordinary safe house by the sea to learn her craft, Stella finds there is more than one dark secret in her new family: √Čtoile’s sister is spoken of in fear and sadness; Marc is supposed to be a powerful witch but is missing his magic; where does the owner of their safe house vanish to every day and why does Evan have the eyes of someone not quite human?

There is only one secret that someone will do anything to keep quiet, but whose secret is it and will Stella have to pay the price for silence?

Amazon UK Top 10 contemporary fantasy bestseller

Amazon US Top 45 fantasy bestseller
Amazon US Top 50 contemporary fantasy bestseller

Smashwords: http://bit.ly/lX5PLb

Camilla has provided us with an excerpt of her book

Illicit Magic Excerpt 1 (from Chapter One – 734 words)
NB: British English

Sharp, murmured voices passed me on the wind. I couldn’t make out what they were saying but there was the sound of confusion and dissent; then a barked order calmed them. I caught the sole word “silence” from a low voice as it hissed past me. The footsteps shuffled and stamped again but no one uttered a word. It was like they were all listening for me. I felt like a fox, terrified and cornered, knowing that the beagles were just behind me, waiting to catch my scent. 
Above me I could just see the first quarter of the moon breaking in the sky, casting a dim glow over the city. My jacket was a dark padded cord, good for blending in with both the hedge and low light. My breath was catching like little puffs of cloud in the air so I pulled up my cheap, striped scarf and covered my mouth to keep the plumes from straying to where they could be seen. 
Without moving the rest of my body, I strained my head towards my pursuers, the scarf tightening about my neck until I tugged it loose again. I tried to count how many footsteps I could hear as they shuffled, fanned out and regrouped.
With only my pounding heartbeat for company I waited for what seemed like eternity. I tried to count Mississippi’s to gauge the time but my mind stumbled over the count and I threw the thought away. I waited for seconds, minutes, hours for them to rush past me, or at least turn and stamp a different way, hoping miserably that they really hadn’t seen me dart into this street.
Finally I couldn’t hear a thing but the blood rushing in my ears. Had I made it up? Was I really paranoid enough to think someone would bother following me? Probably. Possibly. It wasn’t the first time I’d been extra cautious, but it was the first time since the news has been full of murder. I shivered and tried to shake away the icy fear.
Edging my way across the privet, the leather of my long boots brushing against each other as I sidestepped, my toes scuffed against the scrub of garden. Fronds of hedge needled my back through my winter coat as I brushed by and fresh drops of dew slid uncomfortably past my scarf and inside my collar. 
With my mouth set in a firm, grim line, clamped so tightly shut I was close to grinding my teeth, I poked my head forward, mere millimetres from the hedge but enough to see a gloved hand shoot towards me and grab my coat, the fingers clawing at my shoulder to snatch a handful of material and drag me into the open. A gasp escaped me. How had they gotten so close without me realising? Another hand, yellowed at the fingertips and reeking of tobacco, reached for my neck. 
A gruff male voice snarled, “Gotcha!”
I shrieked and my whole body went rigid as I closed my eyes tightly. The air went thick and heavy around me, the cold momentarily disappeared and the blood in my veins surged as electricity crackled through my body. For the merest second all the low light and dull sounds of the city disappeared as the power rushing through me overwhelmed and took possession of me. 
With the hand at my neck and the fear pumping alongside the electricity, I thought I would die in this moment, but when I opened my eyes again I was on the other side of the street, looking at my attacker grasping at the air where a second ago my neck had been. I saw his fist punch savagely through the air where my jaw should have been. If I had still been there, he would have smashed it for sure. 
I felt dizzy and willed myself not to faint. The last of the shriek ebbed in my throat as I realised that I had barely focused on the task but had ended up exactly where I thought I should be when I’d glimpsed that section of empty street. Perhaps my strange gift (I never could decide what I should call it) only worked properly when I was terrified. Moving through space wasn’t something I had even been able to control before. And right now, I wasn’t afraid to admit that I was absolutely, gut-wrenchingly, terrified.

Roxanne Rhoads
Paranormal Romance Author
Publicist at Entangled Publishing
Publicist/Owner Bewitching Book Tours


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