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Monday, May 14, 2012

Today we welcome MJ Fletcher. Author of the extraordinary series
THE DOORKNOB SOCIETY.  MJ has offered a guest post for us.

MJ:   I've been working on The Doorknob Society Saga for several years now.  With the release of Book 1 in February and now Book 2, I'm excited to finally be seeing the fans reactions to the story and characters.  One in particular has been getting a lot of attention.

James Nightshade is a character that comes along once in a writer's lifetime.  He practically sprung from the page the first time I wrote about him.  Full of anger and sadness his journey in The Doorknob Society Saga is unique.

He has many secrets as well as many flaws.  But he also has a code that he alone lives by.  Perhaps it was founded when his own father was killed in the line of duty to The Skeleton Key Guild.  But wherever it comes from it is one of the driving forces in his life.

I always knew he was going to be a major factor in the Saga.  What I didn't know, was how much his presence would affect all the other characters in the series.  From Chloe all the way through Edgar, Nightshade touches each of the characters in life altering ways.

The relationship between Chloe and Nightshade is fraught with tension of every kind.  But one of the things that annoys Chloe the most is that in the end he may very well be the person who knows her best in the world.

Now the question is with the end of Book 2,  oh wait...now that would be going into spoiker territory wouldn't it?  I guess you'll just have to read the book to see just where his character is headed.

I want to thank Donna for giving me the chance to guest blog today.  I hope everyone enjoyed it.

MJ Fletcher

Donna:  Thank you MJ.  I personally loved both books.  My favorite character is Edgar.  I understand book 3 features Edgar's story.   Can't wait!!!!

Both Doorknob Society books are available at http://www.amazon.com/
facebook: www.facebook.com/Doorknobsociety
or webpage http://www.thedoorknobsociety.com/

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  1. Donna, Thanks again it was a lot of fun. :)And I don't think you'll be disappointed with Book 3.