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Thursday, June 28, 2012


about the book:
An adopted Michael Henry yearned for some excitement in his life. Away from his friends, in a new neighborhood and school, he discovers the adventures of a lifetime as he learns of a portal with access to the Land of Whoo. 

Michael Henry’s adoptive mother is a nurse named Samantha –Sam to her friends –who works in a downtown Seattle dialysis clinic, and his adoptive father, Dan, has been out of work for the past two years after his construction business failed due to the downturn in the economy, and he is very endeared to them both.


This is the first novel by author Ryan O'Brien.  
He's started with a stunner!

The Land of Whoo is the story of young Michael Henry.  "The Chosen One"  He travels through a portal into the mysterious "Land of Whoo". As you can imagine, all sorts of adventures await Michael.

The character of Michael will appeal to all middle graders, especially boys.  Let's face it, it's sometimes difficult to find a book middle grade boys will enjoy.  I think THE LAND OF WHOO is a perfect book.  It will hold the readers interest, while encouraging their imagination to take over.  Michael's girlfriend accompanies him during his trips to Whoo, this will appeal to girls.   The character development of the these two is brilliantly portrayed.  

The end is left intentionally open for a sequel.  I will be purchasing the book!   My 11 year old son couldn't put this one down.  That makes it a true winner in my eyes!

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