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Sunday, June 3, 2012

synopsis (Goodreads)
"Just sit back and relax as Dr. Bob Curran takes you to places that only your mind can create with his words and stories. He has captivated the radio listening audience as he will captivate the reader. From vampires, to the undead, to green men, Dr. Curran will delight the imagination."
--Tom Danheiser, producer, "Coast To Coast AM" 
There are some places in the world where humans quite simply should not go. Not just haunted places, but sites where ancient forces still hold sway. We can recognize such locations by the responses they evoke within us--that feeling we call "the creeps." 
But just where are these places, and why do they terrify us? 
In The World's Creepiest Places, Dr. Curran visits some of these sites, looking at their history and traditions and exploring the creepy feeling they evoke in people who have been there. His travels range widely--from his native Ireland and through the empty deserts of the Middle East, to the misty hills of Tibet and back through Europe to America. He's not only looking for ghosts, but also for sinister people, vampires, the living dead, doorways to other worlds--even venturing close to the Gates of Hell itself 
This is not just a ghostly travel book. It's for those who want to explore the weird, out-of-the-way locations of our planet and test the boundaries of the reality many of us take for granted. 
We dare you to take the journey with us

Who does not like to be frightened?  Why do we all stand in line to ride the 'thrill' rides at amusement parks?  
This book does not disappoint.  Bob Curran delivers a wonderful compilation of the 'creepiest places' around the world.  He explains the folklore of each place in an objective manner.  

He begins the book with a story of a decrepit home near his apartment.  It is a worn down old house.  He is led to believe a murder may have taken place there.  After this information, the author explains that the house takes on a more sinister appearance.  He later finds that no such murder occurs.  Someone purchases the house and restores it.   Point?  Perception is everything.

The cover of this book alone is enough to put the reader into the right frame of mind to read this book.  A creepy old home, surrounded by moonlight and fog.   Love the cover.   Loved the book.  I love to read about scary places.  As I read, I could almost hear a dark, deep voice reading along with me.  Narrating the passages.

I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys folklore or just a fun creepy story.  The book is broken into sections.  Each section tells the story of a scary, spooky place.  Cemeteries, houses, castles, and morbid, bizarre people.  Some you may have heard of, some will be completely new to you.  Read it on a dark night for the full effect!   A fun and enjoyable read.

For more information about Dr. Curran and his other books, visit his website at

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