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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Today is our continuation of our time with Dayna Leigh Cheser.
Dayna is the pen name of author Julie C Jordan.  Julie has provided a character interview with Janelle and Richard.

Character Interview
 ‘Janelle’s Time’

This is the full transcript of an interview, plus an extra off-site chat, I did with Richard and Janelle Grayson at their home on beautiful Lake Galloway in New Hampshire – in 1833. 

JCJ: Today, I'm here at the home of Richard and Janelle Grayson, the lead characters in my book, ‘Janelle’s Time.’ I'll be talking with them here in Galloway, New Hampshire. I'm so looking forward to this interview. From what I've heard from them already is amazing. They've been married just a short time, but have had enough adventures to last most people a lifetime. OK, without further ado, I'd like to introduce Richard and Janelle Grayson. Hello to you both.

JMG: Good morning, Dayna. Welcome to the LeDuc Farm. We're glad to have you here.

JCJ: Thank-you Janelle. It's so beautiful here. And those horses! I've never seen such gorgeous horses. Those foals are so cute! Richard, you're English, are you not?

ROG: Right, Miss Dayna. I grew up in the English Midlands, outside the town of Melton Mowbray, on my family's estate, Devonwood. My father, who now lives across the Lake Galloway at Englica, is the former Duke of Devonwood. The horses you see in the pasture here are the Devonwood breed. Father spent many years developing the breed, which we raise here, and at Englica, as well as at Devonwood in England. My mother, the Lady Susannah, Duchess of Devonwood, acts as hostess for my brother, St. John, who is the current Duke, and, I might add, the area's most eligible bachelor. *wink*

JCJ: You have two brothers who are also here, correct?

ROG: Right. Anthony will likely take over Englica when Father returns to England, and Edward is itching to go off on his own to explore the American west. I also have a sister who lives with her family near Devonwood.

JCJ: And you're the youngest.

ROG: Right. By English law, only the oldest son can inherit, so St. John was born to become the next Duke. Younger sons often have a military career, or, sometimes, a religious calling, or they can fend for themselves. Father bought what is now Englica to give his younger sons skills for life.

JCJ: Interesting. It's very different from how it works in America. Janelle, you were born here in Galloway, and have lived on the family farm all your life.

JMG: That's right, Dayna. I'm the youngest of the LeDuc children. My siblings all live in New England. My oldest brother and his family live in Boston where he owns a successful international trade business. My sister, Sarah, and I are close, although I don't get to see her as often as I'd like.

JCJ: So, how did you two meet?

JMG: Since Richard, his father and his brothers arrived in the area some years ago, we'd seen each other at various functions in town and around the lake, but had never been formally introduced. My father died suddenly about three years ago. After grieving privately for several months, I knew I had to move on, so I went, alone . . . big mistake, by the way . . . to my father's grave. I was so overcome with fresh grief that I collapsed right there in the cemetery. Richard happened to be passing by on his way to town and rescued me, delivering me home safely. We decided to go riding together the next day.

ROG: Right. We had a splendid ride that day. It was a perfect day in every way. However, on the way back, our horses spooked. When we investigated, we encountered a strange blue light in the woods. When we approached, it disappeared. However, something wasn't right. Long story short, we found ourselves in England, around 1300.

JCJ: WHOA! I'd be interested in hearing all about that.
Well, that's all we have time for today. Stay tuned for more of our interview with Richard and Janelle Grayson next time, when we'll learn more about their trip to Olde England!

JCJ: Hello again. We're back with Richard and Janelle Grayson, the lead characters in my book, ‘Janelle’s Time.’ By the way, I should tell you that we've done a little time travel to do this interview . . . the year is 1833.
So, where were we? Oh, yes. Richard, you were on your first date together when the horses spooked and you ended up time traveling to Olde England. Tell us about this little side trip of yours!

ROG: First, we stayed hidden in the woods until we could figure out what happened. It was confusing because things just didn't look right. That we were in England never entered my mind. Why would it? However, it was obvious that a different place had to be a possibility.

JMG: As the scope of what had happened dawned on us, we realized that we'd traveled a great distance in a matter of seconds. But still, the idea that we'd traveled in time, well, we couldn't even imagine that one.

ROG: After finally realizing that we were far from home, in more ways than one, we approached the small castle near the stream. The people there welcomed us warmly. It was shock when they told us the castle was Devonwood. These people there were my ancestors.

JCJ: Your ancestors? WOW! You met your own ancestors?

ROG: Yes, Miss Dayna. And everyone had blond hair and blue eyes. As a history buff, I found touring the castle very enlightening. Um, don't tell anyone but there were 'secret rooms.'

JCJ: I'll never tell! *chuckle* Blond hair? Blue eyes? Secret rooms? My head is spinning.

ROG: Each lord controlled the lands and the people surrounding his home. Raids on neighboring castles and homes were common with the winner of the skirmish taking anything of value as the prize, even the property. It's one way that lords added to their holdings. My ancestor thought to thwart the process by keeping things of value in secret rooms. The room we saw was empty, but we weren't shown the others.

JMG: Yes, those secret rooms. The old Lord Damian gave me a beautiful ring that had come from one of those secret rooms. When I put the ring on it produced a blue light, similar to the blue light that had sent us on this journey. When we left the castle, I had a theory on how to get back home. Fortunately, it worked.

ROG: Right away, Janelle asked her companion, Maura, about her mother and her mother's family. Janelle had heard that her mother's family was somehow special but, up until then, she'd had little interest in finding out what 'special' meant. Suddenly, it seemed very important!

JMG: My mother died giving birth to me. It seems she had a secret other life. Maura told me that the female members of Mama's family, going back into the mists of time, had certain powers.

JCJ: What kind of powers? Richard, why are you smiling?

ROG: Oh, I'm just remembering. It was a trying time indeed!

JMG: Most of the women were highly skilled in the medical arts, but a few, and I'm among those, have other powers as well. Most notably, I am able to travel in time. I find time travel fascinating and have become quite skilled at it.

JCJ: You time travel using the blue light from an orb, like that first time?

JMG: It's not as simple as all that, but, yes, I can go where - and when - I want to, at any time, sometimes to Richard's dismay. We agreed, however, to not use time travel simply because we can. There are considerations to take into account. Our presence in another time, particularly in the past, can easily affect the future.

JCJ: Interesting. I hadn't considered the problems that time travel could precipitate.

ROG: Exactly. So, we carefully consider what our presence in another time could do before we go, if time allows.

JCJ: Richard, you courted Janelle while she grieved for her father, Eventually, you proposed and she accepted.

ROG: Uh, well, not exactly. I never actually proposed, but it wasn't for a lack of trying. Finally, Janelle simply accepted. We were walking out by the lake one beautiful afternoon. The words just wouldn't come.

JCJ: So, Janelle proposed. *chuckle* Then, there was your wedding. From what I've heard, it was a particularly unforgettable event. We'll save that for next time.
Well, friends, that's all we have time for today. Come back next time when we continue our chat with Richard and Janelle.

JCJ: And, we're back! It's such a beautiful day here in New Hampshire. Let's get started. So, Janelle, I'd like to hear about this unforgettable wedding.

JMG: What about our return trip to England?

JCJ: What? You went back? Why?

ROG: She cooked up some crazy idea about returning the ring after Maura said she'd seen either that ring, or one just like it years before. Janelle said she thought it needed to be in the secret room for the person who was supposed to have it; that she shouldn't have it. So, we went back.

JCJ: Let me guess. Things didn't exactly go according to plan?

ROG: To say the least. When we arrived, Gypsies were looting the castle. They were having a grand time of it, I might add. We jumped ahead in time a bit so as to not be in the thick of things. We discovered then that the Gypsies had attacked and taken over the castle, assuming my family name. The people we'd met on our first trip were all dead.

JCJ: Oh no! Janelle, trouble seems to follow you around.

ROG: Indeed!

JMG: Richard! You wouldn't have it any other way, and you know it!

ROG: She's right. Anyway, we decided to keep the ring.

JCJ: And then, you got married.

JMG: That was not without problems, either. At the last minute, Richard wanted his family at the wedding, so the day before, we went to England, collected them all and returned home.

JCJ: Nice touch. THEN you got married?

ROG: No. Not yet. Then, Janelle came down quite sick. We postponed the wedding until she recovered. We finally stood before the preacher only to have the service interrupted in the middle by an uninvited old friend of mine with a big problem.

JCJ: It just doesn't stop with you two. Richard, your friend had a problem?

ROG: Right! He blamed me for the death of Minuet, the French love-of-his-life from when we were in Paris after school. He was out for revenge. Logan, in a towering rage, is a truly frightening sight.

JMG: I'll say! He's big! He's tall! He's rumored to be a pirate! And, he was angry!

ROG: Maura rushed Janelle back upstairs where she'd be safe while my father, my brothers, Janelle’s brothers, and I tried to sort out this little difficulty with Logan.

JMG: A little difficulty? It was a standoff! Logan wasn’t backing down. Richard's father and the others tried to reason with him to no avail, and this with all the guests watching. But, a friend of mine, Rachel, caught Logan's attention.

ROG: Logan and Rachel are now at home in Scotland, with their daughter.

JCJ: Wait a minute! Stop! My head is spinning. What did I miss? Scotland?

JMG: Logan is the Scots Duke of Muileach, Rachel is now his Duchess. But, wait. There's more.

ROG: After the wedding came the wedding night. *sigh* Let's just say that the party-goers downstairs were having a better night that we were.

JCJ: You're kidding! What happened?
JMG: Ah, I don't think that's necessary here. But, Richard's brother, Anthony, came to our room and stopped Richard from leaving.

JCJ: Leaving? Richard? What on earth . . . ?

ROG: Like Janelle says, it's not necessary to elaborate on it except to say that, obviously, we managed to work it out.

JCJ: Obviously.

JMG: The next day, there was a quick trip to Scotland to show Logan his castle a three-hundred years ago - and we met the then-Duke.

ROG: We had to get even with Logan for disrupting the ceremony. It was almost funny except that we were in a bit of danger there. The Lord of Muileach was highly suspicious of us. We had to leave quickly. 

JMG: Then, there was the ill-fated wedding trip to England.

JCJ: Ill-fated? Let me guess, more problems?

ROG: You could say that. We returned the English relatives and stayed in England for our wedding trip. A childhood friend of mine tried to kidnap Janelle - twice. He’s in an insane asylum now. After that, we decided to take a trip down to London - without using Janelle's powers. Along the way, I was mugged and left for dead. That night was disastrous. I was unconscious for nearly a week and woke up with amnesia. I wasn’t up and about twenty-four hours when …

JMG: Um, the end result was that Maura and I returned to New Hampshire, without Richard. I didn't know it then, but I was pregnant.

JCJ: Richard, what did you do to precipitate this situation?

ROG: One evening, I went down to the common rooms and ordered an ale. There was a pretty serving girl there . . .

JMG: Richard! You're really not going into such detail, are you?

ROG: U-m, no, of course not. You're right, my dear.

JMG: Yes, and I'm afraid we're going to cut this interview short.

ROG: Right. U-m, I must get out to the barn. I need to look in on the new foals and do some of the never-ending chores.

JMG: And, I really need to get upstairs and tend to the children.

JCJ: Very well. Thank-you both for your time. Perhaps we can continue this interview another time.

JCJ: Hello again. We're so pleased that Richard and Janelle Grayson, the main characters in my book, ‘Janelle’s Time,’ have agreed to continue with the interview. And, I'm very happy to be back in beautiful New Hampshire to continue with their story.

ROG: We're glad you're here, too. We're sorry that we had to stop the last time. The discussion was getting a little tense, if you know what I mean.

JMG: Right. We just were not ready to answer certain questions, if you know what I mean.

JCJ: Of course. Let's see. Where were we? Oh, yes. The wedding trip gone awry. No, wait. First, Janelle, you mentioned a kidnapping almost in passing. You were almost kidnapped?

JMG: That occurred right on Devonwood, the nerve of the man! He actually tried twice! The night we arrived in England, Sinjin, which is a nickname for St. John, by the way, and Lady Susannah hosted a dinner in our honor. One of the guests was Nick, Lord Statler, a childhood friend of Richard's. When I walked into the room, I sensed a presence and shivered with trepidation, but didn't know why. I could feel Nick's eyes burning into me. It made me very uncomfortable. Later, Richard suggested we walk in the garden.

ROG: While we were in the garden, Sinjin came running out and called for me to go with him to the barn where a mare was having trouble birthing a foal. Of course, with Janelle's blessing, I left her alone in the garden and went with Sinjin.

JMG: Richard hadn't been gone but a moment when Nick appeared out of the shadows and grabbed me. Naturally, I screamed and fought him, but he was so strong. It was quickly clear that his goal was to get us into the boxwood maze at the center of the garden. I struggled to escape and was able to hinder his progress. I knew if he gained access to the large maze, I would be at a big disadvantage in finding my way out on my own. Just as we got to the entrance to the maze, I was in a position where I could do some damage, if you know what I mean.

JCJ: Oh my! Ouch!

JMG: Right. Nick dropped me and fell to the ground, howling in pain. I ran from him, screaming and crying. Suddenly, I ran into a man. Thinking it was Nick, I fought like a banshee at first, but it was Richard. He'd heard my screams. Inside the castle, Richard calmed me, then we talked about this attack by Nick. His memories of his childhood friend wouldn’t let him believe Nick was capable of attacking a woman so there was no resolution. I went to bed while Richard returned to the barn, then stayed up and talked with Sinjin for most of the night.

ROG: I had a hard time believing this of Nick. 

JMG: The next day, Richard and I were out riding with Sinjin. We'd stopped for a bit and the men were talking about horse breeding and training. I rode around in the field for a while, when out of the nearby woods came a rider bent on catching me. It was Nick. He chased me, but my horse was faster so I got back to where Richard and Sinjin were talking before Nick could catch me.

ROG: We were talking about the situation – how Nick’s parents had died and he’d inherited, and then got married. I wasn’t convinced that this would make anyone stalk and try to kidnap someone. Then, who should appear but Nick. Suddenly, I understood. He was quite mad. He confessed to us that he’d grown tired of waiting for his parent to die so he could inherit, so he killed them. He married soon after to get himself an heir. But, his wife had recently gone down to London ostensibly to visit her sister. Rumor had it that she wasn't coming back.

JMG: So, Nick decided I would be a suitable replacement, whether I liked the idea or not. He’d said he’d acknowledge any male babe from our union. It seems I had no choice in the matter.

ROG: Nick pulled a gun on us and announced his plans. He wanted Janelle and would kill Sinjin and me to get her. I've been in a few scrapes in my day, but looking down the barrel of a gun can quickly put things into perspective. Still, I wasn't about to let Nick simply ride off with my wife! He'd actually have to kill me first.

JMG: I fainted dead away. Richard and Sinjin fought Nick, who did shoot Richard, by the way, and eventually overpowered Nick who proceeded to fall into complete madness. It was really sad. Devonwood guards delivered Nick to the authorities. He's in an insane asylum now, while Sinjin is taking care of his estate and his tenants.

JCJ: *pause* Oh! Can I breathe now? This is just an incredible story. If I didn't know better, I'd say you were making it all up!

JMG: *laughing* Well, there's so more to tell, but we'll talk about that when we get together again.

JCJ: So, friends, be sure to be back here next time for the next installment. I don't know about you, but I'm eager to hear more. How about you?

JCJ: We’re back with Richard and Janelle. Let’s see now, we left off the last time with you about to tell us of your ill-fated trip to London. I seriously don't know if you can top the kidnapping story!

JMG: *chuckle* I'll try. Richard convinced me to take the trip in the conventional way – by coach – so I could see more of England. On our last night before reaching London, I was really tired so I went to bed early. Richard went down to the public rooms of the inn where he got himself quite drunk.

ROG: H-m-m. Bored, I guess. After a while, I knew I had to clear my head so I stepped outside and across the road where I watched the river traffic for a while. Then, the lights went out. I'd been hit over the head and robbed by some thugs.

JMG: Maura heard the commotion and went to investigate. She found Richard, out cold and presumed dead, laid out on a table in one of the public rooms. She cleaned him up and paid some sailors to bring him upstairs. He was unconscious for several days. When he finally woke up, he remembered nothing.

ROG: Indeed. Nothing is hardly the word for it. I couldn't remember a single thing before waking up. That was an experience I'd just as soon not go through again.

JCJ: You said in an earlier part of the interview that this ended with 'disastrous results.' What did you mean by that?

ROG: Well, let’s just say I hurt Janelle very badly and let it go at that.

JCJ: Really Richard, my readers want to know what happened!

ROG: Not here, not now. It’s very difficult to talk about.

JCJ: Ah, I see. OK, then, let’s move on. What happened after that? Obviously, you got your memory back and you’re none the worse for wear.

JMG: He didn't get his memory back right away. It was very disconcerting having this person who looked like Richard and sounded like Richard but was just a shell of a person who didn’t know me, his name, the date or where we were. For some reason, he thought my name was Angel. His little escapade downstairs really hurt me. I retreated into myself. Rather than continuing on to London, we reversed track and headed back to Devonwood in hopes the familiar surroundings would spark the return of his memory. I worried about doing more damage if I used my powers to shorten the trip. It was a long, miserable trip. When we arrived there, I took an unused bedroom and locked Richard out. I awoke early the next morning and had Maura pack our things. We came back here, just the two of us.

ROG: When I woke up that morning, Janelle and Maura were gone; already back in New Hampshire. At that moment, my memories returned, all in a huge rush. It was almost overwhelming. I knew then what I'd lost. I packed my things and headed for Liverpool where I hoped to find a fast ship to America. I simply had to get back to Janelle. Unfortunately, there was only one ship leaving that week. It was a derelict vessel but it didn't matter. It was several months before we eventually put into Portsmouth after a grand tour around the Caribbean and up America’s east coast. I hired a horse and rode to Englica. The next day, I rode to the LeDuc farm.

JMG: In the meantime, I had discovered I was pregnant. I was so sick. Maura was concerned about my survival so she sent for my sister, Sarah, who came and spent some time with me. She snapped me out of the depression and set me on the road to health. One day, on a whim, Sarah and I traveled to Devonwood but Richard wasn’t there. His mother told me he’d left the same day Maura and I had. By then, Sarah had started to miss her family so she returned home. Then, one day, Richard arrived. I went outside to see him. We talked a bit, and then he realized that I was pregnant and . . .

ROG: I blew it. Until the day I die, I will never know why but I very stupidly asked if the babe was mine.

JCJ: Oh, Richard, no! You didn’t! Based on experience, it's safe to say that didn't go over very well.

JMG: My brain couldn't process this. My feeling for Richard were very ambiguous as it was because of what he’d done at the inn outside London, but this was more than I could take. I flew back to the house. I was angry. I was hurt. I never wanted to see him again! It was a very bad time.

JCJ: I would think so. We’ll find out more the next time.

JCJ: We’re back with Richard and Janelle. Today, we'll talk about the long over-due reconciliation that, like so many other things, didn’t go very well. Richard, you were telling us that you made a big mistake in questioning the parentage of Janelle’s unborn baby.

ROG: Oh, indeed I did. I paid dearly for that slip of the tongue. Janelle ran back into the house, crying. Maura came out and banned me until after Janelle had the babe. She didn’t want Janelle unduly upset and I certainly seemed to be very good at that. Back at Englica, I told my father what happened. Another big mistake! He was so upset that he kicked me out, too. I didn’t know where to go until I remembered Janelle’s brother in Boston. I rode to Boston and stayed with Gerard and his family for the winter.

JCJ: So, you spent the rest of Janelle’s pregnancy in Boston.

ROG: Right. I learned a lot about Gerard’s trade business in the process, but I was miserable just the same. Nights were the worst. When my time in exile passed, I returned to Englica. A few days later, a message came from Maura that Janelle had safely delivered of a baby boy and that I could come for a visit. I was ecstatic. I knew I could make things right and we’d be husband and wife again, if you know what I mean.

JCJ: Richard! So, what happened next?

JMG: I had decided I didn’t want to see Richard again - ever. I’d named the babe after my father and my brother-in-law, and used my maiden name as I was entertaining the idea of ending the marriage. I don’t think I could have actually gone through with that, but I was hurt and angry.

JCJ: Richard, I’ll bet you weren’t happy about this turn of events.

ROG: Most certainly not! Janelle's father, Gerard, God rest his soul, had been between us from the start. I can’t - and I won't - compete with his ghost. I had chosen the name Damian Gerard Grayson, honoring both my father and hers in so doing. We fought long and hard on just that one point. She's incredibly stubborn sometimes!

JCJ: You must have come to some sort of agreement – I mean, you’re together now.

JMG: It wasn’t easy. I’d put distance between us, uncertain if I wanted to stay with him. There were a number of issues but one by one, we resolved them. I have to admit that I tried to have the best of both worlds – have a husband, but have freedom from being a wife at the same time. Maura pointed out to me that I was being so cruel keeping Richard at arm's length for so long. I realized I had to make up my mind. Did I want him to stay, or not?

JCJ: Obviously, he stayed.

JMG: Yes, he stayed, and in no time flat, I was pregnant again, this time, with twins, although we didn't know that until the birth.

JCJ: Twins? But you are so petite!

ROG: She very nearly died. As it was, she stayed in her bed for the last 3 months. The doctor in attendance was useless. “Let nature take its course,” he said. If we’d done that, Janelle surely would have died, and the babes with her. My father solved the problem. We had several mares dropping foals at that time, so my father implored our Irish horse manager to come to the house to save Janelle and the babes. Naturally, the Irishman balked. But, he realized that babes are babes, after all. It about drove me crazy with that man so intimate with my wife, but it really was the only way. In a very short time, the twin girls arrived, surprisingly healthy and the Irishman returned to the barn and his horses.

JMG: The girls are beautiful. Adelle is every inch the little lady. Little Moria looks exactly like my grandmother. There’s something about her . . .

ROG: They are both very beautiful, like their mother.

JMG: Our son, Damian, looks just like his father. He’ll be ‘tall, dark and handsome’ one day, a real lady-killer. *chuckles* And, his grandfather spoils him rotten!

JCJ: You’ve got an incredible family. So, what are your plans for the future?

ROG: We have horses here that are the beginning of a great business. The two farms will be the American distributors of Devonwood horses. We have all the other responsibilities of the farm, too. We’d like to show off our growing family to the English family sometime soon. The future is bright, especially now that my ladylove and I finally have it together.

JMG: Yes, there’s all that, and I want more children. We have a lot of living to do. Life will never be dull.

JCJ: M-m-m, for sure. Well, thank you so much Richard, Janelle, for spending the time with us to tell your story. We wish you luck in the future. So, this concludes the interview with Richard and Janelle. I hope you enjoyed it. This couple certainly has an interesting life.

JCJ: Here's an update from Richard and Janelle. They have news to share about Moria, one of their baby twin daughters. While not word-for-word, here's what I remember of our chat.

JMG: Dayna! Hello there! 

JCJ: Janelle!  Richard! How nice to see you! 

ROG:  We've just returned from a trip to see my family in England. We'd been thinking about a trip to show off our children to the English relatives.

JCJ: How nice you were able to get away.

ROG: Both Angus and Maura have now retired. We built them a cabin in the woods near the lake, so we still see them every day. The new farm steward, Joshua Morgan, is doing an excellent job, and Rohna Gill, Janelle's new companion, is doing splendidly. Replacing Maura was especially challenging as she's actually family.

JMG: One day in England, Richard, Rohna and I took the children to see Agnes MacKendall, the old healer in Eastwell. The last time Richard and I visited her, she'd had a vision about me, but the details were vague. When she saw Moria, the younger of the twins, her vision suddenly became clear. It wasn't about me, but about Moria as a young woman, years from now. She saw that Moria would travel far and be in great danger.

ROG: I wanted to know more details, but these visions are apparently not overly specific.

JMG: I'd also brought along the ring I'd received from the old Lord Devonwood when Richard and I went on our first time travel trip. Agnes not only knew about it, she has one. All pure MacKendall women have one. I showed her that this particular ring glowed when I put it on, and I'm not pure MacKendall. She was shocked. She put the on Moria's tiny hand. It glowed there, too. After a moment, Agnes told me, and this is word for word, “This ring isn’t yours, Janelle. It belongs to this child. I’m not sure how or why, but she is apparently going to need some powerful protection when she grows up. Keep this ring safe for her, and tell her about her heritage as soon as you think she can handle the responsibility, maybe a little at a time. Don’t wait until it might be too late.”

ROG: It seems our daughter has quite a future waiting for her. It worries me greatly. Agnes said Moria would be in grave danger, not just to her, but to everyone around her. We don’t know what the danger is, or why everyone will be in danger – or if she’ll survive that danger.

JCJ: Oh my, I have to tell you, I've got the chills hearing about this. It's amazing news, yet, scary too. It's been great talking with you again. Bye, now!

JMG: Take care, Dayna

What Readers Are Saying About Janelle’s Time

This is a book for those who love the magic of romance and the romance of 
magic. Filled with wonderful description, written with historical 
accuracy, and charged with sexual energy, ‘Janelle’s Time’ truly glows.
-Kenneth Weene, author of Tales From the Dew Drop Inne, 
Memoirs From the Asylum, & Widow’s Walk

I guarantee you will not be able to put this down until it’s 
finished, then you’ll go back and start reading all over again!
-Donna Lawrence, Book Lovers Paradise

A story to escape reality with. A chance at true love that 
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Author Dayna Leigh Cheser takes the reader on a magical journey back in 
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described characters in a well-crafted historical novel that will keep 
the reader riveted to the printed page from start to finish.
-Fran Lewis, author of Because We Care, & Faces Behind the Stones

Watch for book two: "Moira's Time"
Janelle’s daughter, Moria, is the focus of a startling vision as an infant. As a teen, she meets Elizabeth Blackwell, M.D., who later introduces her to Florence Nightingale. Moria fulfills the vision in service to others but finds herself in grave danger - and in love. Will she ever see her family in New Hampshire again? Will she and her lover survive the danger to themselves and others? Will their love survive her destiny of service to others?

Watch for book three: "Adelle's Time"Moria’s twin sister, Adelle, is an American country girl with her English father’s aristocratic blood coursing through her veins. She dreams of being English Lady, and will stop at nothing to achieve her goal. In a loveless marriage with her wealthy and powerful Duke, will Adelle find happiness as his Duchess in Victorian England? Or, will she leave him to discover her true self and find her way home to her American roots - alone?

Watch for book four: ‘"Logan's Time"
Logan Conor, the Duke of Muileach, grows up in Scotland. His mother abandons 
her two sons. His father spends his life missing his wife. Logan meets Richard 
Grayson at school in England. After school, it’s on to Paris where their friendship suddenly ends with the death of Minuet. Will Logan make peace with his 
mother, Annella? Will Logan and Rachel live happily ever after? Will Seanna, 
his sometime-lover, destroy Logan’s marriage? 

Watch for book five: "Clarissa's Time"
Clarissa Conor, eldest daughter of the Duke of Muileach, grows up in Scotland. Born in New Hampshire, she and Damian Gerard, Richard and Janelle’s oldest son, discover they have much in common in spite of their very different backgrounds. As America inches closer to the Civil War, can Clarissa and Damian Gerard keep their love strong, or will politics and war destroy what they have? Or, will they flee to Scotland to avoid the war?

My thoughts about "Janelle's Time"
Wonderfully unique and exciting!

Janelle's Time is a story of love, tragedy, time travel and much more. It is the start of what promises to be a fascinating series.
The characters are rich and engaging. The storyline, unique and entertaining. You will not want to put this book down!

Oh, and the wedding scene between Richard and Janelle---I think I fell in love with Logan! Just amazing

You will experience every emotional twist on the rollercoaster between time with this book! Will Richard and Janelle ever get together?

Ultimately, it is a story of love, pure and simple. I'm looking forward with great anticipation for Moira's Time, book two in the series.

5 stars

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