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Monday, March 18, 2013

It is the epic tale of a young man and his journey home after love and conflict.

Confronted by natural threats and life's challenges - from the famed outlaw Lester Carlyle to dealing with romance to the war itself - he must test his bravery and virtue to the full if he is to reach his homeland safely.

But the danger is no less severe nearer to him - he must come to terms with a love triangle.Two boys that were friends competing for the affections of the girl. Competition turns to conflict and an encounter with tragedy happens. The boy moves to the big city to begin his education and here he meets love, and all the difficulties attached.

It is an epic tale of action, adventure, romance and self discovery!

Thank you for downloading this, I really appreciate it.

above reference taken from Amazon.com page

my thoughts

R.A. Faith calls this book an'epic tale of action, adventure, romance, and self discovery'.

I'm not certain how to write this review.  While I applaud RA Faith's ability to write, I can't say I enjoyed this book.  I found it to be long and dispirited.  I had a difficult time reading it.  I kept putting it down and later picking it up to finish.  It took me a very long time to finish.   Too long.  I almost gave up.  I had no feelings either way for the main character. 
I did laugh and love the old man from the narrator's home town, now there was a character.  Blind and full of vinegar.

I'm not certain the average reader would stick with this book.  It was epic.  Reminded me too much of the books we were forced to read in school. 

3 stars

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