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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Helen: The First Trojan Horse

Helen of Troy has been called a whore, an adulteress and the destroyer of Troy, but questions remain. Did she fall in love with Paris? Was she abducted? Or did she willingly take part in the greatest political cover-up in history? Helen, The First Trojan Horse is about the most enigmatic and vilified woman in history. Helen, The First Trojan Horse explores the untold love story of the ages and provides a new and unique twist on the legend of the Trojan War. Read about this captivating beauty's extraordinary life from her early childhood through the Trojan War, and her horrible death at the hands of a friend. During the Age of Heroes there were many great men. Is it possible that Helen was not only the most beautiful woman who ever lived, she was also a Greek hero?

my thoughts

Imagine Helen an unwilling captive of Paris.  Goes against just about everything we've read about the Trojan War.  Well, this book gives a unique perspective of the war.  We hear Helen's point of view.  Not just the war, but her life leading up to and after the war.

I've always imagined Helen to be a somewhat empty headed, silly individual.  This book portrays her as a capable, strong woman who helps her countrymen every way she can.

The author, Michael Lally, must have done an immense amount of research before writing this book.  He's managed to portray many of the characters exactly as I imagined them to be, ie: Agammemnon, Clytemnestra, Hector.   All of the favorites from Homer's epic are here.  Some are not so likable.   

I found this be a very enjoyable book.  4/5 stars

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  1. Oh, I have to check this out- I love reading about Helen of Troy. Thanks for sharing! ~ Jess