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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Disney's Maleficent

Yup, we went to the movies this afternoon.  
What did we see?  Maleficent, of course

Not quite the story you expect.  


Definitely worth seeing.  We loved it.
My kid laughed at some parts and clapped at the end.

He's not a kid overly impressed with the Sleeping Beauty story.  It's not one of his favorite Disney classics ( it's a girlie movie)
but he enjoyed this version.
In fact, when we last visited Disneyworld, I made him get his picture taken with Maleficent.  He wasn't impressed.

Maleficent has ALWAYS been one of my favorite characters (yea, I like the villains best)

Glad she finally got a movie of her own.
Oh, by the way...nobody could have played this role as well as
Angelina Jolie.

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