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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Poetry by Shawn Harris

Hello everyone,
Donna here. I would like to introduce everyone to the poetry of my very talented cousin Shawn Harris. I will feature two of his poems on my blog this week:

A horizon filled with colors not seen with an inland sunset, A brisk brush stroke, a painted sky, Seagulls high, searching the sea, A vast ocean's waves answers birds above, Dulling their cries, Wind which wets, dries and cool's in the same instant, A boat's motor fights the wind and waves with bouncing victory, Sea legs, A clicking pole, A sudden jerk, A fisherman's glee, The ocean's depths causes mental hyperventalation, The relief of the shore and the toll this trip has taken, A beach house bedroom, Soft air-dried sheets, Slumber, Sleep.

There is static in this dusk sky. A silence before the storm. City clouds purple with light, showing their depth with sly approach. A porchfront stoop with city silence. Flat's of life and parked coup's wink. This mid-spring air tickles my sinus. A nose for the future. The distance to the traffic light is just beyond reach, huddled in the tree's. A siren's snicker pierces this thin air. A motor's whine and bumps curb grind. A tree's branches branch into beds of capillaries. A city wood of life.

Hope you enjoy,

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