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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

BookLoversParadise would like to welcome Cora Parks, 
author of

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about the book:

All the information you need to reduce various IRS penalties you may be charged. If you have paid the penalty, learn how you may qualify for a refund!

About Cora:
Cora Parks is a lifelong Atlantan whose vision is to bring proactive tax counsel and personal responsibility to the masses in the area of taxation. She has published seven books on taxation topics, including How To Pay The IRS When You Are Broke, Your IRS Refund, and Reduce Your IRS Tax Penalties.

Tax time is right around the corner.  Take advice from someone who knows!  Read Cora's books.  She offers wonderful advice regarding the IRS (even the name invokes fear in most of us), and info about tax prep.  

Cora's books are available on Amazon.com

You can also visit her at

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