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Monday, June 11, 2012

Cheesie and Georgie are back, and this time they're off to the greatest summer camp in Maine. As the oldest of the Little Guy campers, they'll get to make the campfires and choose the sports teams. It's sure to be their best summer yet!

Then disaster strikes. Cheesie and Georgie are put in a cabin with the Big Guy campers, including Cheesie's archenemy, Kevin Welch. Now the youngest—and smallest—of the Big Guys, Cheesie has no choice but to use his brains to fight Kevin's brawn—he challenges the bully to a Cool Duel. The adventure that follows includes a toilet on a wall, a headless skateboarder, a garter snake mustache, and the scariest ghost story ever told. Will Cheesie survive to start middle school? 

With plenty of lists, drawings, and made-up words, Cheesie—with a little help from Steve Cotler—tells the story of the best worst summer ever.

Cheesie and his sidekick Georgie are back! This time they are in summer camp in Maine, the best camp in the world! The boys are supposed to have the best summer of their young lives. They are scheduled to be the oldest kids in the Little Guy cabin at camp. Well, guess what? It doesn't happen that way. Through chance they end up the youngest kids in the Big Guy camp. Imagine being the only 11 year olds among a bunch of 13 year old boys...Yea, not too much fun. Between the teasing and bullying, it's not turning out to be such a great summer for Cheesie and Georgie. Cheesie decides to challenge Kevin, one of the big kids, to a 'cool duel'. Now, incidentally, Kevin is the boyfriend of Cheesie's older tweenage sister June, also known as Goon. 

Cheesie must rely on his wits to win the 'cool duel' contest.

Steve Cotler has done it again! (This is Cheesie's second great adventure). The book is written in the form of a diary from the viewpoint of Cheesie himself. Mr. Cotler has the unique ability to teach young readers to learn. He uses real and made up words with kid friendly definitions, as well as tidbits about history and other interesting facts. 

I loved Cheesie's interactions with his older sister Goon. I enjoyed reading about the 'points battle' between the two. This book is full of laughter and learning. Don't forget to visit Cheesie online at CheesieMack.com

Target audience is tween boys. If you liked the "Wimpy Kids" books, you should like Cheesie Mack.

you can learn more about Steve Cotler at

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  1. I have not read any of the books in this series- but the names are so fun and the story sounds like it will appeal to kids. I look forward to checking out Cheesie Mack!