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Sunday, June 10, 2012


about the book:
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After Flin and Flowell get carried away inside the stomach of a giant jellyfish, Flin stumbles upon a leprechaun village just below the Earth's surface. A magical jadestone keeps this village, called Clover Cavern, alive with magic and hidden from others. This stone was once given to the leprechauns by Flin's great-grandfather, Hovgard Newby, hundreds of years earlier. When this precious jadestone is stolen, Flin is asked by Froggit, Head Leprechaun of Clover Cavern, to find it and save the village from death. While Flin is busy trying to find the stone, Flowell, one of his best friends, gets captured by Blade, an evil threat in the underworld, and must be rescued before it's too late.


This is the second book in Flin's Destiny series.  It is a middle grade book perfect for the young reader.  
There is a fantastic leprechaun village, Clover Cavern and Flin is recruited by Froggit, head leprechaun, to find a stolen jadestone.

This story is full of fun and adventures.  Appropriate for the middle grade student.  Characters are engaging and the story hold the readers attention.  The vocabulary is challenging but not too difficult.

If young readers enjoyed Cobble Cavern (and I know everyone did!) I strong encourage them to read Garden of Lost Souls.

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