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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

received from the author for review

My Perfect Wedding by Sibel Hodge can be described as 'chick lit'. Remember that before you pick up this book. It is a great book for a beach day or a lazy day at home. The book is an easy, quick read. You can read it in an afternoon. I read it while sitting outside my son's school waiting for him to get out.

On the way to her wedding, Helen Grey ends up in jail. Yes jail.. What a way to start a marriage! This book will have you laughing out loud. Think Lucy and Ethel...I still get a kick out of them.. Timeless humor. Sibel Hodge has mastered this kind of humor. Most of Helen's problems are of her own making. She perpetually has her foot in her mouth.

Unfortunately, I read this book without reading 14 DAYS. The first book in the series. I have since purchased it and will reread Helen's story after reading book one.

Helen and Kalem are great characters. Reading this book has made me wish for a vacation in Cyprus. Ms. Hodge did a great job describing the place, now I would like to see it for myself...someday. 

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