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Friday, February 17, 2012

2/18 Saturday's featured author is STEPHANIE ABBOTT

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

WE would like to welcome LIZ BOTTS, author of

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Liz is visiting us today with a guest post and some info about her book

Liz's website address:

about the book:
synopsis (from Goodreads)
When sixteen year old Hannah Brewster lands the lead in the school musical she hopes it will be the perfect chance to get the attention of her family and her long time crush, Kyle. The only problem is that school super star, Josh Larson, has been cast opposite her, and he seems to like her as more than just a cast mate.

As Hannah and Josh grow closer, things between Hannah and Kyle get complicated. When Hannah realizes that Kyle is not who she thought he was, she also realizes that she just might like Josh as more than just a friend.

Will Hannah and Josh be able to overcome their obstacles and admit their feelings before the musical ends?

Sounds good right?

Since Valentine’s Day was yesterday, why don’t we have a little chat with Hannah and Josh about their relationship. Let’s start with something easy, like how did the two of you meet?
Josh (leaning forward with a look of mock seriousness): I saved her life.
Hannah (laughs and smacks Josh’s arm playfully): He saved me from taking a basketball to the head, but that’s not really when we met.
Josh: Sure it is. That’s when I knew you were the girl for me.
Hannah (blushing): We officially met when he tried out for the musical. (Pauses and looks admiringly at Josh.) He was phenomenal.
Josh: No, Hannah was the amazing one. You should have seen the way everyone watched her audition. It was like they were in a trance or something.
So your relationship started because of theater, do you think that’s something you’ll continue to do together?
Josh: Be in shows? Sure, it’s fun, you know?
Hannah: Yeah, but I don’t think it’s something I want to do after high school. That territory belongs to my sister, Harlow. I think I want to do something else in college.
Josh (grinning): We could always go into business with your grandma and Duke. We can be her promoters. She and Duke can take their show from the Sugar Bomb on the road.
Hannah: Oh, ew! Can we please not talk about my grandmother and her too young husband.
Josh: They’re cute together.
Hannah (making gagging noises): Your grandmother isn’t supposed to be cute with her husband. 
Josh (reaching out and grabbing one of Hannah’s hands): Okay, I won’t torment you anymore, but just admit one time that your grandma and Duke are cute.
Hannah (rolls eyes): Fine, they might be a little cute once in a very great while. 
Okay, how about one last question? Do the two of you have a song?
Josh: Definitely. I always think of our song as the songs we danced to in the musical.
Hannah: Yeah, Eric Carmen for the win. (Laughs.) Hungry Eyes and Make Me Lose Control. They aren’t really songs I would ever have thought would define my relationship, but…I don’t know, dancing to them with Josh during the musical seemed…
Josh: Magical. It seemed magical.
Hannah: Yeah. It really did.
To read more about Josh and Hannah’s relationship, pick up In The Spotlight at any online ebook seller.

received from author for review


synopsis (from Goodreads)
Book #1 in the fantasy fiction War of Whispers Series.

When Elabea, a girl of fourteen summers, hears a whisper calling her name, she asks,"Is this proof that the land of Claire wasn't destroyed in the Dark War?" But her question ignites fear in her village. "The Oracles of the Cauldron forbid you to speak...the name! Death will come! We will be cursed!" Furthermore, when her best friend, Galadin, rallies beside her, the villagers divulge a dark secret: their fathers were the only survivors of the massacre at Min Brock. Forged as outcasts of their own homes and village, they fear the worst when the Cauldron sends warriors to destroy them. Desperate, they flee to Claire where Elabea is promised to become an all-powerful storyteller and Galadin a great warrior. But does Claire exist? And if it does, will it be an ally or a greater foe? Battling whispers, warriors and mysterious creatures, Elabea and Galadin must also contend with the darker questions about their fathers' past and the...Tears of Min Brock

 my review:

Received from author for review.
Not too many books can truly be described as epic. Narnia, Lord of the Rings, Pullman's Dark Materials...and now TEARS OF MIN BROCK.  This is one book that clearly deserves the 'epic' description.  
It is a marvelous fantasy tale.
Book 1 in the War of The Whisper series.

Elabea and Galadin (love their names) are two young people looking for answers.  Answers which will explain how the "Dark War" impacted their lives.  To understand the enormity of this question, you must
realize that it is against the rules of Cauldron (current rulers) to speak or even ask questions about anything that happened prior to the Dark War.

Elabea hears whispers from the land of Claire, an area which was supposed to have been destroyed during the Dark War.  Her friend Galadin accompanies her to find the answers.  I say accompany, but 
they are really running for their lives after the Cauldron discovers they are seeking answers.

Are the whisperers good or evil?

J.E. Lowder spins his tale as easily as C.S. Lewis creates the land of Narnia.  Lowder's world is both good and evil.  Faint spiritual undertones can be felt throughout this story.

This story is labeled as a YA Fantasy novel.  I think, even younger audiences will appreciate this story.  I understand it started out as a bedtime story.   It is truly a classic good vs evil tale.
My only question....who will play Elabea and Galadin in the movie version?

and now:

check out J.E.Lowder's website
for a wonderful opportunity to purchase this
fantastic story for yourself at a 
reduced rate on Amazon.com

to be taken directly to the Amazon Kindle ebook by
J. E. Lowder.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Mail Still Runs - Teaser Trailer

by Jeffrey David Payne
(part 2 of the Far from the War series)

The second installment of the Far From The War series shows how the war effects Esther's family back at home on Orcas Island. Told through the eyes of her sister Charlotte, this volume shows the family's anguish as they wait for Esther's return and how desperate neighbors disrupt their idyllic life on the island.