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Saturday, August 3, 2013

For Gods and For Men

The setting: 98 BC Rome. The story: Marcus Tegerius Castimus has just learned he is immortal. Together with an unlikely alliance that includes a vexing Vestal Virgin, he is the only hope to save the world from a trap that the Lifebloods had set centuries before. Pursued by two factions, Castimus can choose to help the Lifebloods and live in luxury and power, or he can fight them to save the human race from extinction. But doing the right thing isn't always easy, and Marcus stumbles into the snare the Lifebloods laid for him - a trap that has been centuries in the making and from which there is no escape. Or nearly none.

my thoughts

An interesting story.  Well written.  Visually stunning.   Johnson's descriptive imagination is fabulous. You can see in your minds eye what is being described.  Castimus is a great character.  He is immortal but more human you can imagine.  His choices are difficult, and he sometimes makes what the reader may consider to be the wrong choice.  

This is a very quick read.  It is part one of a series.  

About the author

James R. Johnson began his entertaining career in the mid nineties with schooling at the renown American Musical and Dramatic Academy in New York City. Studying Film and Television acting, James went learned the nuances of movement and interpretation in performance.

After graduating, James stayed in Manhattan and pursued the call of the starving artist. Working full time and attending open "cattle calls", he tried to make a name for himself. 

Unfortunately, open auditions brought hundreds of actors that looked just like him. There just wasn't enough time in the day to work to support life in the city and put all the effort necessary into making a successful acting career. Without an agent or union affiliation, James felt it best to build his resume in a small market.

James R. Johnson moved to the Virginia Beach area and began building his resume. Being a New York actor opened many opportunities. However, the jobs were still too few and far between to live off on. Something needed to be done.

During the shoot of a particular feature film, James had the opportunity to shine. The crew was exhausted after a 16 plus hour day. James offered assistance and even aided the director and DP. Impressing the crew, he was given the opportunity to aid further in the production.

James R. Johnson realized that he had a talent for work behind the camera as well as in front. He started directing and producing his own short films. He also helmed projects brought to him by colleagues in the Virginia Beach film community. It wasn't long before that name he sought in New York started taking shape.

James R. Johnson discovered work behind the camera much more satisfying than in front of the camera. Still lacking enough projects to fill his time, he began writing his own material. He wrote several short scripts before moving on to features. James now has many feature scripts in various stages of production.

When the opportunity presented itself to write novels, James R. Johnson jumped at the chance. Always looking for another adventure, another challenge to conquer, he developed the story of the Lifeblood Saga in a short time. He then set to writing the first volume, For Gods and For Men.