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Thursday, May 17, 2012

 synopsis (Goodreads)

Flirting in Italian

by Lauren Henderson

Published by Random House Children's Books

available June 12,2012

Four girls. One magical, and possibly dangerous Italian summer. Family mysteries, ancient castles, long hot nights of dancing under the stars . . . and, of course, plenty of gorgeous Italian boys!


A lighthearted story about 4 young girls, 2 British and 2 American, who travel to Tuscany for the summer to study.  The story's main focus is Violet.  A young British girl whose mother is Nordic and her father is Scottish.  What would you expect with those genetics?  Well, it's not what you get.  Violet looks Italian.  She sees a portrait in a local gallery with an Italian girl from a Tuscan Villa. The girl in the portrait is a dead ringer for Violet.  It's this portrait and doubt over her heritage that encourages her to travel to Italy.

 What do you think happens?  Well, four girls in Italy.  Learning Italian, art history and boys.. Yes, boys.  The girls are getting a crash course in Italian youth parties.

 Back to Violet, she meets a young man named Luca who lives as the very same villa where the portrait originated.  Remember the portrait? Of the girl who is a spitting image of Violet?     

The story continues...

A fun, well written, lighthearted story.  I like the style of writing used by Lauren Henderson.  Violet is a funny character.  She is confident about some things, and full of self doubt about others.   I like the character.  I also like the other three girls spending the summer with her, studying.  (and partying!)

This book does have a villain. In the form of a jealous girl.  Daughter of the hostess of the summer school.  Elisa..

If you want a fun book to read while sitting at the beach, or sitting outside enjoying the sun, this is the book for you.  No vampires, werewolves or anything paranormal.  Just a bunch of kids learning and playing at the same time.  There is a story here, and book two hopefully will clear up some of the lingering questions.  I'll keep my eye out for book two.

I enjoyed this book and give it 4.5 stars 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Today we would like to introduce
Suzanne Anderson
author of
(look at that amazing book cover)

about the book:
Now faith is
the substance of things hoped for...

Hungary's fragile alliance with
Germany kept Natalie, a renowned children's book author, and her family out of
harm's way for most of the war. Now as the F├╝hrer's desperation grows during
the waning years of the conflict, so does its threat. Natalie's younger sister,
Ilona, married a Jewish man, putting both her and her young daughter, Mila, in
peril; Natalie's twin sister, Anna, is losing her already tenuous hold on
reality. As the streets of Budapest thrum with the pounding boots of Nazi
soldiers, danger creeps to the doorstep where Natalie shields them all.

Ilona and her husband take the last
two tickets to safety for themselves, abandoning Natalie to protect Anna and
Mila from the encroaching danger. Anna's paranoid
explosion at a university where was once a professor, sparked by delusions over
an imagined love triangle, threatens their only other chance for escape.
Ultimately, Natalie is presented with a choice no one should ever have to make;
which of her family will she save?

An inspirational story of faith and
family, strength and weakness, and the ultimate triumph of love over
hate. Mrs. Tuesday's Departure demonstrates the power of faith
to light even the most harrowing darkness.

... faith is the evidence of things not seen. 

Suzanne has offered a guest post for your enjoyment

Fame or Fortune? 
By Suzanne Anderson

Fame or fortune, which would you prefer? Both, of course!

This question reminds me of the old: ‘what would you wish for, if you had three wishes?’ Well, I’d wish for three more wishes.

Fame and fortune for a writer are both good things, I’d argue. 

Fame means the fulfillment of every writer’s greatest desire, to not only see their work in print, but to know that many readers are not only reading the story, but by inference of its popularity, enjoying it and recommending it to others. (I’m assuming you’ve attained fame via your book’s popularity, not through other, perhaps less savory means.)

Knowing what great pleasure reading a really good book brings me, and wishing to achieve the same in my own writing has been one of my great motivators. Writing a book that gains popularity and is enjoyed by readers would be a wonderful indication that I’ve achieved my goal. And of course, that is the caveat of the quest for fame. One would want to achieve it as evidence of a book’s positive impact on the reader. 

The flip side, becoming infamous for something I’ve written such as James Frey’s evisceration after the revealing of A Million Little Pieces, is a much less appealing way to enjoy fame. Although one could argue that Mr. Frey’s fortune from the same book went miles to assuage his discomfort.

Which brings us to fortune.

Wild riches, perhaps on par with J.K. Rowling, or on a lesser scale, with a New York Times best-selling thriller writer, might bring a lot of time-consuming duties that would cut into one’s writing time. After all, someone has to be found to manage all that money. But, the greatest gift of fortune, or let’s call it ‘financial independence’ is: freedom.

Financial independence allows the writer the time to write without the burden of simultaneously carrying a full-time job, while keeping the house clean, and being the primary caretaker of children or aging parents. It truly makes ‘a room of one’s own’ possible. It provides the writer with the psychological and physical space to breathe and think and dream and create new stories. 

I have never wanted to be rich, but I will always strive to create enough monetary wealth to provide freedom. As for fame…only if it comes from readers who love my books. As an avid reader myself, that would be the nicest gift of all.

about the author:

I first published Mrs. Tuesday's Departure as an ebook on Amazon's Kindle a little over a year ago. It went well. But as the year went on, I felt that the book was not as good as it could have been. Which inspired me to take advantage of an ebook's fluidity, to make some changes and plan it re-launch.

Mrs. Tuesday's Departure, in its original form, was quite a bit different from the book I published in some important ways:

First it was written in the First Person Point of View, which gave it a much more intimate feel, which as it turns out, was the right POV for a story about a family experiencing the most terrifying moments of war.

Second, it was actually set in Budapest, Hungary during World War Two, not in the fictional other-world it was thinly disguised as.

And finally, it had a spiritual element that explored a particular element of religious faith that has always perplexed me....the challenge of believing in something we cannot see.

With that in mind, a few months ago, I resurrected the original manuscript and set to work dusting it off and making a few changes, hopefully clearing up things that in reviews of the first Mrs. Tuesday release had caused consternation for some readers.

About me:

I was born in Fort Lauderdale, attended the University of Michigan on an athletic scholarship for swimming and then worked on Wall Street. I left the bright lights of the big city fifteen years ago and traveled the world. I now live in the mountains of Colorado, where I pursue my dream of writing novels.

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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Today we wish to introduce 
Hillary Peak

about the book:
The bond of a father and daughter is special. When Jules' father asks her to come stay with him because he's terminally ill, she goes for the remarkable opportunity to really know her father. She never dreamed he had liberated a concentration camp, dealt cards to Bugsy Siegel, or saved the life of a Black Panther. Wings of Hope takes you on a road trip through the memories of a man making peace with his life through his conversations with his daughter. Teaching her that death is sometimes the most heartbreakingly beautiful part of life. 

Hope is the last gift of a father to his daughter--the power to reach for her dreams. 

A poignant and well written story.  
I know from personal experience how difficult it is to say goodbye to an ill loved one. 
This book is touching and inspirational.
Highly recommended.

about the author
Hillary Peak is a recovering idealist. She became a lawyer to change the world and is still somewhat shocked that didn't occur. Now, her goal is to retire from practicing law and write novels that people love. She is currently a practicing attorney in the District of Columbia. She lives with her family in Alexandria, VA.

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Monday, May 14, 2012

Today we welcome MJ Fletcher. Author of the extraordinary series
THE DOORKNOB SOCIETY.  MJ has offered a guest post for us.

MJ:   I've been working on The Doorknob Society Saga for several years now.  With the release of Book 1 in February and now Book 2, I'm excited to finally be seeing the fans reactions to the story and characters.  One in particular has been getting a lot of attention.

James Nightshade is a character that comes along once in a writer's lifetime.  He practically sprung from the page the first time I wrote about him.  Full of anger and sadness his journey in The Doorknob Society Saga is unique.

He has many secrets as well as many flaws.  But he also has a code that he alone lives by.  Perhaps it was founded when his own father was killed in the line of duty to The Skeleton Key Guild.  But wherever it comes from it is one of the driving forces in his life.

I always knew he was going to be a major factor in the Saga.  What I didn't know, was how much his presence would affect all the other characters in the series.  From Chloe all the way through Edgar, Nightshade touches each of the characters in life altering ways.

The relationship between Chloe and Nightshade is fraught with tension of every kind.  But one of the things that annoys Chloe the most is that in the end he may very well be the person who knows her best in the world.

Now the question is with the end of Book 2,  oh wait...now that would be going into spoiker territory wouldn't it?  I guess you'll just have to read the book to see just where his character is headed.

I want to thank Donna for giving me the chance to guest blog today.  I hope everyone enjoyed it.

MJ Fletcher

Donna:  Thank you MJ.  I personally loved both books.  My favorite character is Edgar.  I understand book 3 features Edgar's story.   Can't wait!!!!

Both Doorknob Society books are available at http://www.amazon.com/
facebook: www.facebook.com/Doorknobsociety
or webpage http://www.thedoorknobsociety.com/