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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Announcing our FIRST EVER beyond 5 gold stars review.

I know I have already posted this review, however, as a parent

 I think it deserves repeating.  I am constantly looking for books

 that will be appropriate for my 5th grade son.  Books that will

 hold his interest.  This is not an easy task. Even the books

 written about a certain young boy wizard are still sitting on the

 shelf, largely unread, because he couldn't get through them. 

 "Too long", he says.  "I can't read that long. I'll wait for the movie."  

I am blessed 

with a child who excels in math and science, but getting him

 interested in reading has proven to be quite a task. 

Secret DMS Files was not only a perfect book, it was able

to hold his interest through the end.  Imagine my surprise and 

joy when he stated "I hope there's another story".  Lucas has

taken the book to school to share with his fifth grade class- he 

was that impressed with this story.

The Secret DMS files is a book which should not be missed!  An amazing book written by a pair of amazing writers.  This book is primarily aimed towards 5 graders but everyone who loves a good mystery will love this story.   
I would like to extend a great big THANK YOU to authors Stephanie Robinson and Jessica Haight for giving my 10 year old son a copy of this book to share with his 5th grade class.  I read the book before giving it to him to bring to school (I absolutely LOVE children's books)  He will be writing his own review along with his class when they finish the book.  

Now to explain about a BEYOND 5 STAR REVIEW.  Given to a book that goes beyond the regular 5 star rating.  It excelled in every aspect.  The writing was incredible, the illustrations were perfect- they added to the story without becoming overwhelming.  The book captures the interest of the reader from the beginning and holds it until the very end.     I did not want this book to finish.  I felt a sense of loss when I turned the last page only to discover the book had ended.   Please, Please, Please write more adventures for the DMS club.   

One thing I must mention, visit the website that accompanies the book.  Fairday Morrow is the main character of the story.  If you visit the website, you will discover contests to win books and a weekly riddle to figure out.  Do you have what it takes to be a member of the DMS?

I do not what to delve too much into the book with my review, I don't want to spoil any surprises for readers.  The story was full of fun and suspense.  The friendship between the three DMS members is the kind of friendship that will last a lifetime.  Just do yourself a favor and READ THIS BOOK!!!
The first seven chapters of the book are available at the website.  A link has been provided above (just click on Fairday's name and you will transported into another world.

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