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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Say Cheese, Medusa.
by Kate McMullan
source: NetGalley
Published by Capstone
publication date August 1, 2011

I laughed and laughed throughout this book!  Greek myths told as they really happened from the viewpoint of Hades himself.  He corrects the misconceptions we all believe to be true because we heard the stories from his myth o maniac brother Zeus (the big fat liar). 
Having a 10 year old son who is enthralled by Greek Mythology, we requested this book from NetGalley.  My son laughed all through the story.  "Hades is really a good guy after all, he tries to save Medusa." 
We will be purchasing all the books in this series (this is number three).  Excellent story Ms. McMullan.  You made education fun.  I remember studying the old mythology books in school thinking "there must be some way to make these dry old stories fun".  You have found the way, you have the golden touch.   Love the stories!

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