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Monday, April 16, 2012

What Would the Founding Fathers Think?

Any ideas?
I think they would be appalled at what has become of the USA.  A country they worked so hard to create.  A country founded on ideals of integrity and hard working people.

A little about the book:

(from the Cedar Fort Publishers page)

What if the Founding Fathers could see our nation today?
What would they say to the next generation about it?
 JOIN Washington, Franklin, and Madison (via SKYPE/CHAT session) as they discuss our country’s current crisis as compared to their original intentions for America. With wit, humor, and variety of visuals, David Bowman skillfully teaches pre-teens alike the wisdom of returning to our nation’s founding principles, and in a way that they will “get it”.
 Our nation is only as good as its next generation.
 Let’s equip them with the knowledge necessary to be permanently a free people.

(from Barnes and Noble)
History, politics, government—-they're not just for grown-ups anymore. Today's teens are about to be handed a collapsing nation and it'll be their job to fix it. Enter David Bowman. With wit, humor, and the occasional serious note, he skillfully illustrates America's biggest problems and presents an interactive guide to understanding them that's so much fun adults will want to read it too!

The book will be available on May 8th.
It's a wonderful book.  A book every American should read.
Our children are our future.  What kind of a country are we giving them?  
This book is easy to read and full of fabulous illustrations.

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