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Friday, June 22, 2012

Book Trailer Patchwork of Me by Gregory G. Allen

presenting his book

about the book:
A product of the foster care system, Sara Butler spends her early thirties hiding from her past while striving for a normal life with her small group of quirky friends in Arizona. Seeking treatment for an invisible rash and abnormal dreams, her therapist helps her unlock a heinous past that she is unsure she wants to open. To patch her life back together, she realizes she must travel across country to Maine to confront that past in order to plan for a future.

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about the author

Gregory G. Allen is the author of PATCHWORK OF ME, WELL WITH MY SOUL, PROUD PANTS: AN UNCONVENTIONAL MEMOIR, and CHICKEN BOY: THE AMAZING ADVENTURES OF A SUPER HERO WITH AUTISM. He has had short stories and poetry published in: New Town Writers' anthology Off The Rocks 14, Loch Raven Review, Muscadine Lines: A Southern Journal, The Oddville Press, Word Catalyst Magazine, Rancor'd Type, Home & Holidays and is a contributor of articles and blogs to several online sites. Allen has been in the entertainment business for over twenty years as an actor, director, writer, and producer and is an award-winning musical theater writer with over ten original musicals produced. Allen currently manages an arts center on the campus of a college in northern New Jersey.

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Grgeory Allen - You Mean I Have to Market Too?

By Gregory Allen

You’ve written the novel. You’ve put it through an editor and have gone back and forth on every element of the story. The cover and interior design done and a launch day set for the book. You feel complete in knowing your journey is finished.

But is it?

No! It’s not. You want people to read the book. You want to get it into as many hands as possible and if you leave it up to fate, it will get lost in the shuffle of the vast goodreads shelves and online virtual stores.

Marketing is never easy. It is so uncomfortable for many to talk about themselves and what they’ve accomplished. But for a writer: you have to do just that. You need to have your pitch all set on what your book is about so when the cashier at the store is making small talk, you can give them a quick sentence.

You need to carry bookmarks around that state where people can get your book – and a couple of choice reviews on those wouldn’t hurt.

Network. Network. Network. You must be chatting with others in your world that can share thoughts and ideas. Who better to understand the burden you carry on having this wonderful (your word) masterpiece created without an audience to share it with. Authors read. So share your work with them. Offer to give advice/testimonials/reviews for each other as you build up your tribe of friends.

Take to social media. It is the wave of the future, so be sure and be on that wave. Not every author can be reviewed in the NY Times, but there are plenty of bloggers out there with amazing followers who listen closely to what someone says. Find them. Friend them. And share your work.

Get into your local bookstore. And by local: I mean indie. Not a huge chain. If you are an unknown author, the big store isn’t going to have you in. But your local one just might do it and share with them how you plan to get your friends, co-workers, postman into their store to buy your book. It’s a win-win for you both.

Support others. Too many authors get stuck in twitter-land simply tweeting over and over “buy my book!” “Look how great I am!” Well….say those things about other unknown authors you have found. Share the word about them and in turn, they may do the same for you. Pay-it-forward. It just makes you feel good in your soul to do that.

And somehow, find time to do some more writing. It’s a juggling act to write that next novel while you are marketing one, but one you must refine if you are going to have any type of inventory past your first book. It can be done…follow other people and watch how they are accomplishing it. You’d be surprised.

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Genre - Contemporary Women's Fiction
Rating - PG13

Thursday, June 21, 2012

NightSchool:Vampire Hunter by Michelle Cornwell-Jordan book trailer.avi

book lovers paradise welcomes
Michelle Cornwell-Jordan
author of

Synopsis of Night School:Vampire Hunter
Fifteen year old Dasheen Bellamy’s world is turned upside down, when she is accused of killing her father and godmother. Dasheen cannot remember the events of the night her world is destroyed, but she feels inside that she is innocent; due to lack of evidence against her and with no other family; Dasheen and her younger brother Jordan, are sent to the elusive and mysterious Ame’ Academy ; a residential school where all is not what it appears. There all goes well, until Jordan, begins to become distant and behave strangely as if he is afraid of something or someone. Jordan is transferred to Ame’ Academy’s Night School track, which is usually only open to special cases. In order to discover what is happening with her brother, Dasheen is finally allowed to also transfer, attending classes in the evening while the rest of the world sleeps. Soon Dasheen’s world changes again as she discovers that things out of fairytales and horror stories exist, that she has ancient powers and is the major player in a mystical prophecy; and then she falls in love with a boy, whose mission is to see that she is destroyed before her destiny is fulfilled

We are interviewing the character of Angel from the book Night School.

I have conducted interviews and now it’s my turn in the hot seat! I am to be interviewed now, that my book Night School: Vampire Hunter is on tour… I will say I am nervous by all of this! So to help me out, Angel, from Night School Vampire Hunter says she will show me how it’s done:) So, why don’t we go see what she has to say! Thanks all for joining us:)

Me: Angel, I am so glad that you are joining me and helping me out today:)
Angel: Oh, no problem:)

Me: I wanted to first start with the question, how does it feel to have an entire book written about you and your experiences? Now that the book’s going on tour, that will be even more eyes on you?
Angel: It was weird at first, so many people talking about well… I don’t know my life. I mean… I was just trying to keep myself and my brother alive, (you know…Vamps can be hazardous…); trying to be a normal kid, when all of a sudden, I have an audience! But its okay, everyone has been pretty cool, so I’m getting used to it.

Me: I can only imagine…wow...okay, next question…Have you always known that you were this phenomenal, wicked, Vamp Hunter, and that with your special essence, it’s believed, you are destined to change the human and supernatural world forever!..(Um, take your time with that one:)
Angel: Okay, wow…you just put that one right out there huh? Um, no… I didn’t know that I was to be the key in some type of apocalyptic, battle with mankind…thought I was just a normal kid that had luck that sucks…But the perks are awesome!…now that I am trained, I’m getting faster and stronger and learning more moves…I can even take on Ismet..

Me: For our readers, now who is Ismet again? And also how do you get along with the other girls?
Angel: Ismet is one kick butt Jinn (Genie), she’s not from some bottle that crosses her arms and blinks on command; She is from an old race of beings that evolved from Fire…they are the protectors of the Divide…

Me: The Divide?
Angel: Yep, I just learned about all of this too…the Divide is the barrier between the supernatural world (unseen to us) and ours. Ismet was one of the greatest warriors amongst her people...

Me: How did she end up at Ame’ Academy? There must have been a great threat to warrant such a fighter to be here???
Angel: It was. Me.

Me: Oh…okay…well, how about my second question, do you get along with the other girls? I believe you all have made somewhat of a team, correct?
Angel: We’re a team now, but at first…I wasn’t sure… I’ve always liked Elin (she’s half Vampire/half Human) the sweetest kid you’ll ever meet, unless you threatened someone she loves…then wow, she’s scary…and I already told you about Ismet, I have much respect for her mad skills:)

Me: And?
Angel: (Sigh)…and yep, there’s Belladonna, a stuck up Natural- Born Vamp that I am surprised I haven’t staked yet!

Me: Is it the fact you’re a Hunter and she’s a Vampire? Even though, the Natural-Born Vamps pose no threat to Humans?
Angel: No, it’s from the fact she’s a snob, and always trying to give me a makeover!

Me: Lol….well, I’m sure ALL of you make a great team, you are really cleaning up Kincaid Texas:)…but aren’t you’re leaving out someone….Rafael? What IS your relationship with him? 
Angel:O-o-o-kay…didn’t think you would bring HIM up! Well, he’s just RAF…he’s my friend...He sort of just showed up at Ame, and well that’s when things got really weird! Then things got really bad…dark, and when I didn’t think I had anyone, well Raf was there…

Me: Alright:) What is Rafael? His mad skills?:)
Angel: Um, I rather not say…he just is…:)

Me: Fair enough, thanks for the interview!
Angel: See, not so bad right? Even though, you threw in some tough questions!

Me: Lol, well, you’re a good sport! I guess will wrap this up…see you around Ame’ Academy:)
Angel: Yep, me and all the other creatures of the night!:) Lol! 


Michelle Cornwell-Jordan is a book lover, with YA paranormal adventures as her favorite genre, although she can be a glutton for any young adult title. Michelle’s other love is writing, Michelle has been writing about as long as she has been a bibliophile! Losing herself in a fantasy world that she or others have created is how she loves spending her spare time...
One last thing about Michelle, she believes that she has her own secret powers:)


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Sunday, June 17, 2012

published by Waterbrook Press
available now

about the book:
A kayak accident during a South American adventure takes one woman to heaven — where she experienced God’s peace, joy, and angels — and back to life again.

In 1999 in the Los Rios region of southern Chile, orthopedic surgeon, devoted wife, and loving mother Dr. Mary Neal drowned in a kayak accident. While cascading down a waterfall, her kayak became pinned at the bottom and she was immediately and completely submerged. Despite the rescue efforts of her companions, Mary was underwater for too long, and as a result, died.

To Heaven and Back is Mary’s remarkable story of her life’s spiritual journey and what happened as she moved from life to death to eternal life, and back again. Detailing her feelings and surroundings in heaven, her communication with angels, and her deep sense of sadness when she realized it wasn’t her time, Mary shares the captivating experience of her modern-day miracle.

Mary’s life has been forever changed by her newfound understanding of her purpose on earth, her awareness of God, her closer relationship with Jesus, and her personal spiritual journey suddenly enhanced by a first-hand experience in heaven.  To Heaven and Back will reacquaint you with the hope, wonder, and promise of heaven, while enriching you own faith and walk with God.


A warm, comforting novel.  Death is not the end, just a beginning.
The author presents an easy to read story of her life, her death and yes...her return.  You read correctly, HER RETURN.  Mary went to heaven, spent time with angels, asked questions and returned as her work was not complete.
Mary tells us of her up and down relationship with God.  He is always present in her life, but sometimes left on the back burner.  He is also always around when she needs help.  Her prayers are not always answered to her satisfaction, nor are God's answers always easy to understand, but they always benefit her in the long run.

I found this book inspiring.  I am on a personal journey of discovery and this book is exactly what I needed in my life right now.

I am comforted to know someone does wait for us after we finish our existance on Earth.

I encourage everyone dealing with loss and grief to read this book.  It will warm both your heart and your soul.