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Friday, May 25, 2012

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In The White Oak, the first book in the Imperfect Darkness series, Cora Alexander falls through a sinkhole and enters the underworld still alive. Her living presence threatens the tyrannical rule of Minos and the infernal judges who have hijacked the afterlife and rebuilt it, trapping human souls in a mechanical, computer-controlled city that lies at the core of the earth. To survive, Cora must rely on her untrustworthy guide, Minotaur, an artificial intelligence built by Minos. She is helped by a mysterious voice, and by Sybil, underworld librarian and author of each person's book of life. Sybil's collection holds the key to humankind's intertwined life stories. When Cora's own book is destroyed, Sybil gives her a magical golden pen and sends her to the underworld city to write her own destiny. Along the way, Cora finds the ghost of her dead brother, Lucas, a genius programmer who alone is capable of finding the chink in Minos's armor. But will he be able to get Cora out alive, or will they both succumb to the seemingly inescapable underworld trap?


This book has a very intriguing story.  Cora Alexander falls through a sinkhole, while attending her father's funeral, and she ends up in the underworld.  A strange and bizarre underworld, unlike anything even Hades himself could conjure.  
Cora learned her twin brother Lucas is also present, although Lucas died in the sinkhole accident.

It's quite strange, indeed, but Lucas is more alive than the still-living Cora.  I found her character to be....well, somewhat boring.  She was not overly emotional.  I think I would be screaming my head off if I ended up in the Underworld.  

Also, it's hard to figure out what's going on.  There appears to be two factions at play.  King Minos and the Supreme Justices.  There is also a strange artificial intelligence named Minotaur.  Minotaur is 'assigned' to bring Cora to Minos.  There is some strange prophecy that is hinted at, but not fully explained.  

Nothing is fully explained.  Hopefully the second book will answer some questions.

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