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Monday, October 22, 2012

Jesus:A Theography  is a difficult book to review.  The book begins, at the very beginning,,,literally.  Before the Earth was created.  Before Genesis.  The very first chapter is titled "Christ Before Time", preincarnate Christ is the description used by the authors.   I am not a theology student, just someone searching for the truth.  I found this book to be interesting, but I now have more questions than answers.  

I was impressed by the knowledge and writing style of the authors.  I did enjoy reading about the path of Jesus.  I enjoyed reading about the relationship between the Old and New Testament Books.

One line that stood out, a line I would like to share, "the gospel isn't a postulate; it's a person"...pretty powerful stuff.  I'm glad I read this book (for the record, I read this book in a day.  It's one I'll keep on my shelves to reread over and over).  

I recommend this book to others with questions and others searching for answers.  

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