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Sunday, November 18, 2012

While we sleep, The Dream Snatchers Cometh!
Wolfren Riverstick

given by author for honest review

about the book:
All you need to know about our little-understood world of dreams and nightmares is explained in this amusing fantasy tale, which revolves around the four human members of the Jackson family – together with their cat, Jackson – who all dwell in a house known as “Jacksonville”.

The story introduces you to the Dremlocks (dream releasers) and the Inkybyes (dream demons) and you will discover some astonishing facts about hamsters.

Following a visit to the International Pet Emporium, Pa Jackson and his son, Jacques, return home with a newly-acquired pet hamster of their very own. But there is more to the larger-than-life proprietor, Mister Laurie Van Rentaal, than meets the eye and this will turn out to be not their only meeting with the gigantic Dutchman.

As events unfold leading up to and beyond Fathers’ Day, find out what happens when Pa Jackson decides to celebrate his special day with The Great Jacksonville Cheesefest, whereupon his family’s ultimate dreams develop into their most horrendous nightmares ever…

My thoughts

What a fabulous kids story. I'll admit, I had nightmares about the Inkybyes, but I still loved this book. The Jackson family was so much fun...I even loved the cat! What a personality! 
The Jackson family is subjected to the whims of both the Inkybyes (Dream demons or nightmare givers) and the Dremlocks (Dream givers).  We go along on a ride through each of their dreams and nightmares.  

A great story about what happens during our sleeping hours. Why we have nightmares or dreams-and why hamsters are great pets!  I think this book is fun.  Not too scary.  The characters seem like real people to the reader, not just some faceless family.  The reader will love following the dreams/nightmares of each characters.   By the way, Ma's dream was my favorite.

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