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Monday, October 15, 2012

received from Librarything Early Reviewers for an honest review

about the book:

Is the Magna Carta better than the US Constitution? Was it a power grab by English noblemen, or is it a rights of man declaration penned by Robin Hood? The answers may surprise you as author and historian Irene Radford picks apart the clauses and explains them in context to the history surrounding this amazing document. Magna Carta, a true turning point in the history of democracy

My thoughts

The Magna Carta has always fascinated me.  I must admit, some of it left me stumped.  Phyllis Radford does an amazing job of explaining the finer points of the famous document.   She explains the entire document piece by piece.  She puts the old English writing in modern language for all to understand.  The reader can easily understand her writing and the points she makes comparing the past and the present.  

Well done, Ms Radford!

I've included above the wikipedia link to information about the Magna Carta (or Great Charter of 1215)

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